Friday, June 26, 2020

Redwall-Inspired Campaign - Sessions 1 and 2: The Burial Mound of Gilliard the Owl

So my Redwall campaign only ended up lasting two sessions, but here's a write-up of it anyway. Maybe someday I'll get to try running it again.

Resources used this session:
Burial Mound of Gilliard Wolfclan, a simple one-page-dungeon I based the adventure on
One Hundred Hexes
Mausritter, used for inspiration and settlement names

The Principal Cast:
"Peaches" a Weasel knight with black fur and a skeletal body. Very strong.
Hawthorne Black, a Weasel bard (chosen because "Weasels like to dance" with silky black fur. Surprisingly intelligent.
Dil Danger, a lumpy-faced mole thief, stunningly attractive.
Sigurd Ericssson, a snake wizard with a scarred appearance, an eyepatch, and a wizard hat.

Yes, we started off with two black weasels. Two players both really wanted to be weasels and rolled "black fur," and neither of them wanted to switch colors even though I don't think there are actually black Least Weasels.

As a side note, all the characters rolled terribly for their HP, despite me bumping up the Hit Die from Old School Essentials, with Dil Danger having a single hit point. The highest HP was 4, rolled on a d10.

The party started in the town of Acorn Hill. Their supposed goal was to rescue a mouse named Warren, who had gone wandering off in the direction of the Burial Mound of Gilliard, a giant owl who had ravaged the kingdom before being slain by a group of rats and mice. He was buried on a hill about a day away.

On the way there, the party encountered an old mill, fallen into disrepair. Inside they found the dead bodies of three mole lumberjacks, all of them missing their teeth. In the next room, they managed to sneak up on the culprits: a group of tooth fairies, who had with them a pile of teeth. The group managed to kill one, scaring off the other two. Peaches collected the teeth and stuck them all in her mouth.

Finally, the group made it to the mound, where there was an old well. After some argument about whether to use Sigurd as a rope, they made it down the well. There they met a group of Weasel brigands, who were all drinking. With them was the missing mouse, Warren, who it seemed had quickly joined up with the group and was also quite drunk. One of the weasels, named Hogor, complained that a turtle named Skazic had taken over his small party and become the new leader.

The party bribed one of the weasels, named Fleaback, while Hawthorne used his magical music to charm two others, Grayjaw and Hisk. With the support of the three, the party convinced Skazic to let them join up with the group. Skazic agreed if the party would explore the rest of the dungeon and bring back treasure. He sent with them three of the weasels, including Hogor, who Skazic asked Sigurd to dispose of and make it look like an accident.

In the dungeon, the group fought off some centipedes with missile weapons.

They found the burial mound of Gilliard the Owl, an altar with two silver cups on it. The party got one of their henchweasels to pick up a cup, and heard a booming voice: "Who? Who disturbs my tomb?" The Owl asked for a delicious meal in return for letting the rest of them live. Sigurd whispered to Hogor "let's make a run for it," at which point nobody else in the party ran for it but Hogor. The owl descended upon Hogor and tore him limb from limb. Meanwhile, Dil danger used his stealth skill to sneak up to the altar and open it, finding Gilliard's skeleton. He broke both femurs which (as everyone knows) lay the spirit to rest and caused Gilliard's ghost to dissipate. Down one henchweasel, the party continued on.

After fighting off some green slimes and contending with a poisoned door trap, the party found a large group of fearsome skeletons. Rather than fighting them one-on-one they elected to run away, hoping to recruit the entire Weasel bandit gang in their fight.

Unfortunately, then finals happened and the group fell apart so we never finished our weasel adventure game. Oh well.

Total playtime: 3 1/2-ish hours

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