Saturday, May 8, 2021

1d100 Modern Professions

One of my vague games-I'd-like-to-run dreams is a Portal Fantasy game in Dungeon Crawl Classics where a bunch of ordinary Earth people get teleported into a fantasy realm and have to survive. To that end, I've made a table so you can roll some random modern folks. This is obviously unplaytested, use at your own peril.

RollProfessionStarting ItemStarting Weapon
01AccountantCalculatorTable Leg (Club)
02ActorDisguise KitProp Gun (club)
03Administrative AssistantClipboard, penPaper Cutter Arm (Short Sword)
04ArtistPaintbrush, 1 tube of paintBaseball Bat (Warhammer)
05AstronautPencil (works in 0G)Chain (Club)
06AthleteBaseballBaseball Bat (Warhammer)
07AuthorBookFire Poker (Club)
08Baker1 lb flourRolling Pin (Club)
09BallerinaDance ShoesBaton (Club)
10BartenderBeer, 3 bottlesBroken Bottle (Short Sword)
11BeekeeperJar of HoneyWrench (Club)
12BeggarBegging BowlSling
13BlacksmithIron TongsHammer
14Bus DriverWristwatchBelt with heavy buckle (Club)
15ButcherHand-Crank Meat GrinderCleaver (as dagger)
16Candlestick-Maker20 CandlesCandlestick (Club)
17Carpenter10 NailsHammer (Club)
18CartographerSpyglassExacto Knife (Dagger)
19CashierShopping CartMop (Staff)
20CEOInflated EgoGolf Club (Flail)
21CheesemakerStinky CheeseKnife (Dagger)
22ChefBag of SaltCleaver (Dagger)
23ChemistSet of ScalesKnife (Dagger)
24CoachWhistleFlagpole (Club)
25Construction WorkerHard Hat (Helmet)Shovel (Club)
26Crossing GuardBrightly Colored VestStop Sign
27Daycare TeacherHand PuppetsBaseball Bat (Warhammer)
28DentistMouth MirrorDental Drill (Dagger)
29Disguised Alien SpyBroken Alien DeviceLaser Sword (longsword)
30DJ1d5 glowsticks (last 10h each)Cables (Club)
31DoctorSurgical MaskScalpel (Dagger)
32Dog TrainerDogMop (Staff)
33Drug Dealer"Herbs" (1 oz)Tire Iron (Club)
34ElectricianPliersScrewdriver (Club)
35ExterminatorMouse TrapExterminator Hose (Club)
36FarmerSheepPitchfork (Spear)
37FiremanRope (100')Axe (Battleaxe)
38Fisherman10' netGutting Knife (Dagger)
39Forensic SpecialistMagnifying GlassScalpel (Dagger)
40Fortune TellerTarot DeckCeremonial Dagger
41Fry CookHamburgerTongs (Club)
42GamblerDiceTire Iron (Club)
43Gardener1 lb dirtShovel (Flail)
44GlovemakerGlovesScissors (Dagger)
45Grocery Store Worker3 FruitsIce Pick (Dagger)
46HairdresserHair DyeScissors (Dagger)
47Horse TrainerPonyShovel (Flail)
48Interior DecoratorFancy Potted PlantCurtain Rod (Club)
49JanitorRagMop (Staff)
50JewellerGem worth 20 GPHammer (Club)
51JournalistPen, 10 sheets paperWrench (club)
52JudgeNice RobesGavel (Club)
53LawyerBook of LawBriefcase (Club)
54LibrarianBookSledgehammer (Club)
55LocksmithFine ToolsHammer (Club)
56LumberjackWood (10 lbs)Handaxe
57MagicianRabbit, Top HatMagic Wand (Club)
58MaidDusterBroom (Staff)
59MailmanMailWrench (club)
60Mall SantaSanta CostumeBell (Club)
61ManagerPencil, Sticky-notesSki Pole (Club)
62Martial ArtistKarate OutfitFists (d4)
63MechanicPot of GreaseWrench (club)
64MinerFlashlight (As Lantern, 6 hoursPickaxe (Handaxe)
65MorticianMake-upEmbalming Tool (d4)
66MusicianInstrumentInstrument (Flail)
67NunHoly SymbolHoly Statue (Club)
68NurseStethoscopeSyringe (Dagger)
69OccultistBlack Grimoire*Ceremonial dagger
70Park RangerFlashlight (As Lantern, 6h)Knife (dagger)
71Pet Shop OwnerBird (in cage)Broom (Staff)
72PilotGlovesCrowbar (Club)
73PirateCool pirate hat, hook handLongsword
74Pizza Delivery DriverBox of PizzaPizza Cutter (Dagger)
75PlumberPlungerLead Pipe (Club)
76PoetBook of PoetryKnife (dagger)
77PoliticianNotesSledgehammer (Club)
78Poultry FarmerDuckPitchfork (Spear)
79PriestVial of Holy WaterHoly Statue (Club)
80PrisonerHandcuffsShiv (Dagger)
81ProfessorGlobeDeer Antler
82ProgrammerComputer MouseBrick (Club)
83Real Estate AgentKeysBrick (Club)
84RetireeBottle of Heart PillsCrutches (Club)
85SeamstressNeedle and ThreadKnitting Needle (Dagger)
86Security GuardWalkie-TalkiesKnife (Dagger)
87SoldierCamo VestGun (As Crossbow. Has 6 bullets)
88Stay-at-home ParentDollKitchen knife (Dagger)
89Stock BrokerA bunch of money (useless)Tire Iron (Flail)
90StudentCell Phone (Dead)Rock (club)
91Tailor3 Fine SuitsScissors (Dagger)
92Teacher3 pieces of chalkPointing Stick
93TelemarketerCoffee mugGolf Club (Flail)
94Translator+1 Random LanguageChair Leg (Club)
95Trucker3d10 resealable plastic bagsCrowbar (Club)
96VeterinarianDogScalpel (Dagger)
97WaiterPlateChef Knife (Dagger)
98WelderWelding MaskBlowtorch (as club)
99WinemakerWine, 3 bottlesBroken bottle (Short Sword)
00Yoga InstructorYoga MatKnife (Dagger)

* The Black Grimoire contains a single random Magic-User spell. If using DCC a level 0 Occultist can cast the spell with a 1d10. If you're using OSE you can probably cast it with like a 20% chance or something.

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